7 Best-Ranked, Free Educational Apps for Grammar Learning & Practice

There is a huge amount of educational apps out there. You can find an app for virtually anything. What we are looking today is specifically apps for grammar learning and practice in school, at home or on the move. This is an on-going ranking, updated monthly, so stay tuned for new contenders.

Versión en español: Las 7 apps gratuitas más votadas para práctica y estudio de gramática en idioma inglés.

LAST UPDATED: sep-9, 2018

Choosing the right app for something like practicing grammar can be an exhausting task, and neither teachers nor parents have the time to browse through thousands of options. We try to help by selecting the top 7 in this category. Here's the top seven, according to Google Play Store:

English Grammar Book - Talk English
English Grammar Book
Publisher: Talk English

English Grammar Book - Talk English - Screenshot
This app is designed as an English grammar book. It covers 138 popular grammar points using simple explanations, many examples, and fun quizzes. Whether you are an English language learner, or a native English speaker, this English grammar app will help you with the structure of English sentences.

There are two ways to study using this app: First, the student can learn all the grammar lessons by level. They are ordered from easy to difficult, so learning is step by step. Second, the student can get to a lesson by type, such as Nouns, Verbs, Articles, Adverbs, Verb Tenses, etc.
The app is designed to be fun, with points awarded for each level, different color medals, bookmarking for any lesson, and so on.

English Grammar
Publisher: MNG Mobile

English Gramma - MNG Mobile - Screenshot
This is an android app designed specifically to improve English Grammar by practice. It is a simple, easy-to-use tool that can be used by childern or by adults. Its screen looks a lot like WhatsApp.

It has lots of examples and explanations, and users just love it. It is good both for native English speakers or English language learners.

English Grammar In Use With Test
Publisher: AMA English

English Grammar In Use With Test Screenshot
With this app anyone can learn English Grammar with and android phone or tablet, and later put his or her grammar skills to the test. Suitable both for children and adults, this app is good for learning English just by listening at your phone, whenever you have free time.

It is designed to practice your listening skills and put them to the test. It also has a extensive dictionary to look up and an elegant and sleek user interface.

LearnEnglish Grammar Icon
LearnEnglish Grammar
Publisher: British Council

This is an app designed to practice grammar with different topics and levels, from beginner to advanced. It offers more than 1,000 questions to practice and strenghten your knowledge in English Language.

It also has two versions: British English, and American English. It is intended to be used by native english speakers or foreign speakers. For the latter, it has versions in japanese and spanish.

English Grammar Book Icon
English Grammar Book
Publisher: Appsoft Infotech

English Grammar Book Screenshot
With this app, anyone can improve his or her English Grammar skills at home, at school or on the move. It includes a lot of topics, such as: active and passive voice, adverbs, articles, auxiliary verbs, conditionals, conjunctions, determiners, interjections, nouns, prepositions, pronouns, quantifiers, reported speech, tenses, verbs and more.

The app offers a detailed explanation for every topic covered and a simple use interface.

English Grammar Practice Test Icon
English Grammar Practice Test
Publisher: Learn To Success

English Grammar Practice Test Screenshot
This app is designed specifically as a set of tests to improve your english grammar, wether you are a student or a foreign language speaker. You can use the app 100 percent offline. It's structure is very simple and straightforward.

It has more than 5,000 questions arranged in 33 subjects. It supports many standard tests, such as: TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, GRE, GMAT, SAT.

English Grammar Handbook Icon
English Grammar Handbook
Publisher: SEStudio

English Grammar Handbook Screenshot
This app covers the most relevant topics en English Grammar, such as: active/passive voice, adjectives and adverbs; articles, auxiliary verbs, conditionals, conjunctions, determiners; idioms, interjections, introduction, nouns, phrases, prepositions, pronouns, quantifiers, question tags, reported speech, tenses, verbs.

In the test section there are many questions about the previous topics and vocabulary, lots of tips, passages, videos, quizzes, etc.

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