The cows and the tiger (Las vacas y el tigre)

Cuento corto en inglés con moraleja.

Este cuento corto en inglés es un poco truculento, pero deja una importante enseñanza. La unión hace la fuerza, y hay que saber valorar a la amistad. A quien no lo hace, se lo come el tigre.

The cows and the tiger

The cow and the tiger
The cow and the tiger

Four cows lived in a forest near a meadow. They were good friends and did everything together. They grazed together and stayed together, because of which no tigers or lions were able to kill them for food.

But one day, the friends fought and each cow went to graze in a different direction. A tiger and a lion saw this and decided that it was the perfect opportunity to kill the cows. They hid in the bushes and surprised the cows and killed them all, one by one.

Moral: Unity is strength.

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